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The First Four Products

This is the list you need when your starting from scratch and need EVERYTHING but just don’t know how to start, the few household products you can get that you can do some general all purpose cleaning with. Nothing fancy,… Continue Reading →

5 Most Hated Chores

I’m not perfect, nor do ever pretend to be. There are days when I struggle to get just my basic stuff done, but each day I try my best and try to overcome whatever it is preventing me from my… Continue Reading →

Magic Erasers

Normally, when I would need something super deep cleaned I would normally go reach for my Totally Awesome cleaner and a rag. I have even written a blog post about it (here). I like it. Spray, let it sit a… Continue Reading →

Bathroom Towel Rug

When I first moved in to my house, one thing I really needed was towels. I really didn’t care if they matched considering that my mom and her friend were nice enough to give me some. And then over the… Continue Reading →

Spring/Summer Cleaning

I don’t know why. But everyone tends to do their spring cleaning in the…well….spring. Kind of the point right? Not me though! I always seem to do it in the summer. The other day, husband and I were talking about… Continue Reading →

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