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Magic Erasers

Normally, when I would need something super deep cleaned I would normally go reach for my Totally Awesome cleaner and a rag. I have even written a blog post about it (here). I like it. Spray, let it sit a… Continue Reading →

4 “Rosey” Tips

When I moved into my new home going on two years ago, there was a beautiful pink rose bush in the front yard. However, at the  time I had no idea how versatile roses were, so I would pick them… Continue Reading →

Homemade Salsa

Homemade Salsa With me quitting my job not too long ago, and keeping my main focus on my blog and candle selling, I was fearing for our budget. Even when I was working, it seemed like we could never get… Continue Reading →

Summer Garden 2018

Recently, I put in my summer garden. This year, if a plant can be sucessfully planted in a pot, its going in one. Accept for my tomatoes. I’ve heard of them doing ok in pots but I’ve only had luck… Continue Reading →

Sink Laundry

For the longest time I didn’t have to worry about doing laundry. I would do it at my moms house, or if I was short on time, she would do it for me. Well. My mom sold her house. So… Continue Reading →

Kids in the Kitchen

I can remember the fondest memories of my childhood was helping my mom cook. She is a natural with children so it never seemed to stress her out like it does me. My daughter is now starting to have an… Continue Reading →

Steak and Mushrooms

Its not every day that my husband cooks steak. Well heck, its not every day we have steak either for that matter. But the last time I went shopping, it was a good price, and I had been craving a… Continue Reading →

Upgraded Top Ramen

Recently, I had a case of a sick child on my hands. A Sick child AND an infant at that. So needless to say my husband and I were pretty preoccupied and dinner hadn’t even started to cross our minds…. Continue Reading →

Potato Soup

The weather in Redding is very odd. Spring has started, but in reality, winter weather JUST started. Now that spring is here, its windy, its rainy and its cold. So not the spring I had hoped for. But the good… Continue Reading →

Sausage, Potato and Cabbage Roast

Since having baby Vito, I’ve been trying to think of dinners that would be very easy to do, and most of what I come up with involve the slow cooker. While helping my mom move, we found some nice sausage… Continue Reading →

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