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Baby Bullet Review

Recently, my son Vito stared eating pureed foods. Now, I’m not against baby LED weaning or anything but at 4 months, my son was hungry, and he wanted real food. He loved his boobies, but me (and his doctor) agreed… Continue Reading →

My New Office!

Recently, we had to give back our dog back to my mom. Its a long story, but we were dog-sitting for a while, so my mudroom was all for the doggie for a while. No big deal, she was/ is… Continue Reading →

Herbal Healing Salve

So I am happy to announce, that I was able to make my very first product with ingredients that I got directly from my garden! It took time to gather enough to make a small batch. But this gives me… Continue Reading →


The last few days, I wasn’t sure what on earth to write about. I hadn’t cooked anything very special, nor had I really crafted anything so what in the world was I to do? I just kinda waited it out…. Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Brownies

So, lately, I have had a horrid sweet tooth. I’d love for some chocolate, but I don’t always have the opportunity to go and get myself some sadly. So I have to improvise. I recall seeing something on pintrest a… Continue Reading →

Summer Vacation 2018!

Well. As Alice Cooper himself once said, “Schools Out!” And while that used to mean fun and exictment, I now realize that as a stay at home mom, this really means no change for me other than that Elizabeth will… Continue Reading →

Leftover Pie

So last night, was an attempt at making meatloaf. Long story short, it didn’t work out too well and it didn’t stay together (talk about IRRITATING!) Anyways. I needed to find a way to use everything all up but what?… Continue Reading →

The First Four Products

This is the list you need when your starting from scratch and need EVERYTHING but just don’t know how to start, the few household products you can get that you can do some general all purpose cleaning with. Nothing fancy,… Continue Reading →

Potato Update

Back in I believe it was late march, I posted a youtube video about planting Potatoes, in a laundry basket from the dollar store. I’ve read a few different tutorials online about it, and they all have the same message,… Continue Reading →

5 Most Hated Chores

I’m not perfect, nor do ever pretend to be. There are days when I struggle to get just my basic stuff done, but each day I try my best and try to overcome whatever it is preventing me from my… Continue Reading →

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