Recently, my son Vito stared eating pureed foods. Now, I’m not against baby LED weaning or anything but at 4 months, my son was hungry, and he wanted real food. He loved his boobies, but me (and his doctor) agreed that why not try him on some just for something new. Well, the first thing we tried was banannas. At first he was confused. What was this new texture in his mouth? The doctor and I agreed to continue this and well, here we are. Vito at 4 months old is eating puree’s. His father did too at this point, he was just growing so quickly that he was ready by 4 months.

Now, before I get started in all of this let me say that I do not need any advice letting me know that should really do breast only until 6 months and whatnot. Yeah. You deal with a screaming baby nursing for 3 hours at a time while your house just gets messy. Yeah. I got stuff I need to do, even with how much I adore nursing my son, I just cant sit to nurse him 3 hours at a time every few hours. I cant. So, please, save it. Which, I do mean in the nicest way possible.

So when I got this baby bullet, I really didn’t have much in the way of veggies or fruit to make much with. So, I remembered a zuchinni that I had from my neighboor. I had plans for it in the stir fry, but if I used half and half It would give me a chance to use the baby bullet, and I’d still have enough for the stir fry. So, I got one half of it steaming and started cutting the other one up for dinner prep. So a Zuchinni is composed of a lot of water. So with this veggie you really dont need to add any breastmilk or formula. I didn’t to mine because I thought it would make it too watery. But you know whats best for your lil one.

I do not own a microwave, but even on the stove, it did not take long to steam. Once it was cooked I put it in the baby blender, and purred it until It was a consistency that I wanted. All in all, the baby bullet is a really nice product, and as I am typing this I’m steaming some carrots to make for next week. The carrots I’m expecting to need some water, or breast-milk, as the carrot is a heartier veggie.

Anyways. So far, I am very pleased with my Baby Bullet. I’ve yet to try anything other than baby food however. I was thinking about trying it for other things such as smoothies, or shakes. I am very pleased with the baby bullet and would recommend it for anyone who wants to make their own baby food. It comes with everything you need to get started other than the veggies.

Heres a link to the baby bullet set that I receieved. It comes with the bullet with two different sizes of blending containers(is that what their called??) it also comes with 8 baby food canisters, and a silicone mold if you want to make more to freeze. ( which got me to thinking- baby food popsicles? Peach maybe?)