Recently, we had to give back our dog back to my mom. Its a long story, but we were dog-sitting for a while, so my mudroom was all for the doggie for a while. No big deal, she was/ is a good girl, and I just worked around it. Well since she had to go back to my mom, I now had to clean the dog hair and such from it. And return it back to my office/workspace. You’d think I’d be happy about it. And to some extent I am, but as I sit here, I can hear my husband playing Call of Duty WW2, my daughter watching My little Pony, and my son sucking on his fingers, I don’t hear my doggie. She would normally be laying at my feet looking adorable. Its kind of depressing not having her here. I miss her. I can see her any time, and I go over as often as schedule will allow me to. But its time to get my office space back in order, in hopes that my productivity will return to what it should be.

Maybe that is the reason I’ve been poky about work. Its nothing intentional, but I just miss my doggie. I’m currently working on scrubbing the floor. I’ve used my mop there’s just a few areas in which the mop wont reach. I still have quite a bit of work to make it the office space I’d like. Such as a shelving unit for my materials, some photos or art put up, just some organization and decorating things. Now, that’s not to say its not totally usable right now, as I’m working on a few different projects at the moment:

  • Bottle Cap Wind-chime (unfinished)
    Lavender infused Salve
    Lavender body butter (possibly. Still in research stage)
    Sleep Spray
    and More!

Some of these will be for sale later when I perfect it and such. Other things I’m just making for myself and friends, family, ect. Other things I’m storing for gifts later in the year. I’m trying to become more prepared. Harbor Freight has an awesome deal on some shelving units I plan on taking advantage of once I can.

And then of course, there’s a picture of dad. I found this picture and its my favorite. He’s in his element, doing what he loved- working on trains. And now, here I am. Sitting in my work space, doing what I love, creating art. It seemed like the perfect photograph to include in my office.