The last few days, I wasn’t sure what on earth to write about. I hadn’t cooked anything very special, nor had I really crafted anything so what in the world was I to do? I just kinda waited it out. I guessed that It could have been maybe just me in kind of a funk with everything going on. Did I not update you? Well I guess better late then never.

After my Peanut Butter Brownie post, I made a flop of a dinner the next night. I got the recipe online, and copied it exact but my family and I did not like it at all! So that in itself was a little disappointing, but I got through it okay. It when my aunt texted me the next morning that was the problem. My grandma, was not doing well. If I am recalling the dates correctly (which may or not be the case. I truly cant remember) My aunts contacted me the next day, hoping that I would be able to make it over there to see her one last time. They say a lot of time, people wont pass unless they accomplish one last thing. So with my dad, that was seeing me, and what would become his grandson. My dad was at peace after that, and passed. So thinking my grandmother would be the same, me and my family went over, and visited.

I love both my grandparents dearly, in fact, they are one of the reasons I wanted to become a mom so young, and the reason I started this blog. I look up to both of them. So when my grandmother took a turn for the worse, not only did she come first, but I almost lost interest in continuing this blog. We were able to go and see her in Scotia, and when we came home, I didn’t work on my blog at all. I tried to write some posts, but they never seemed right. So I deleted them and started over. Then I didn’t even bother to write anything. And these last few days, I finally decided to sit down, catch up and post something. I was craving it again! The desire had not left me at all, just seemingly took a stress brake.

So really I just wanted to take the time to thank the two women whose stories I’ve heard, and who’s movements I’ve watched that made me the person and homemaker I am today. By no means perfect, but come on. Were they at my age? Ok, yeah Probably.

Make sure you take the time to soak up every little thing your grandparents tell you. Soak up all the stories, old advice, all of it. You never know when the last time you talk to someone will be the true last time. I will go to my grave wishing I would have asked so many more questions to my grandparents, and my dad. I kick myself for all the things I never got to do with all of them. Don’t make my mistake. Please. Give your parents, and grandparents all the hugs today.

In Loving Memory

Beverly Doyle Gillen

Pearl Fausone Brooks