Well. As Alice Cooper himself once said, “Schools Out!” And while that used to mean fun and exictment, I now realize that as a stay at home mom, this really means no change for me other than that Elizabeth will be home all day. Am I prepared for the long days ahead of “MOM, I’m Bored!” or “Mom, can we go swimming?” I know this is coming because my child, is well. A mini- me.

But this summer, I’m going to strive to get some form of a household routine going here. A routine that allows me to get my chores done, my baby taken care of, and maybe a fun activity or two to do with Elizabeth. Something, which will keep her brain active and always learning and taking in new information.

Now, I know she likes to do Art Projects, so my first idea, is I will be teaching her garden management, by allowing her to pick out a pot, and a flower and grow it all by herself. So my thought process is one day is spent going to buy the pot, and the flower, and then we will come home and plant it. And she will then color a picture of that flower, to compare to the real thing when it blooms. This will teach her the basics of working in a garden, and lead her on to teaching how to help me in my garden.

Another thing I want to do, is teach her the basics of cooking. Simple stuff, like french dips, or baked goods. Even though she needs to go to school and get a good education, she still needs to learn how to cook, and clean. If not for her family, then for herself, at least.

Each week will have a theme, and each day will provide activities teaching her more about said theme. I’ll be relying on my mom friends, and pintrest during this time. This is all new to me, but I am very much hoping it will teach her responsibility, and some values. Hey; a mom can dream right?

Elizabeth, 4 months old

Still though. I think about this now, and it is still hard for me to believe this is the same child, that just 6 years ago, she was just learning how to walk! And now, here I sit, looking at her report card telling me that she is advancing to 2nd Grade!

So here is to me, and my first attempt at a productive summer as a mother of two. Lets hope my summer is fun and educational for me, and my children.