So last night, was an attempt at making meatloaf. Long story short, it didn’t work out too well and it didn’t stay together (talk about IRRITATING!) Anyways. I needed to find a way to use everything all up but what? Well. I thought of an English dish. I hadn’t made it because Daniel would always roll his eyes when I would bring it up, but what else are you going to make with leftover meatloaf?

So finally, I decided I was going to make it anyway. All else fails he doesn’t eat it but at least I tried and didn’t waste any food. My thought was I could use the hamburger which already has onions and garlic, add some sauteed mushrooms and peas and I have a one pot dish.


  • Leftover Meatloaf
  • Leftover Mashed Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Mushrooms
  • Gravy (optional, I had leftover gravy)

I just mixed the meatloaf with the peas and mushrooms, made sure everything was mixed up real well (without smashing the peas of course). And then I topped it with the mashed potatoes, butter and some Monterrey jack cheese (which if I wanted it to make a difference I really should have added more on it, but alas live and learn.

And what do you know, even though I personally don’t think I cooked it long enough (I was hungry and impatient) It was still rather good. I don’t think I am satisfied with the dish I put it in either however. I just had a difficult time getting it out and looking somewhat delicious. But I got the taste right, which is the most important thing.