This is the list you need when your starting from scratch and need EVERYTHING but just don’t know how to start, the few household products you can get that you can do some general all purpose cleaning with. Nothing fancy, back to basics, Type products, and they they are as such.

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This one is because well, it is pretty versatile, and normally come in packs of at least two, so you can have one for JUST dishes and just for cleaning counters, or whatever your preference may be. I personally like the scott brite ones because they are durable, and reasonably priced, win win.

Laundry Soap

You need clean clothes right? This one is just as easy to make if you so choose to go that route, however, if you don’t, weather you do laundry by hand or have one of them fancy machines they have now days (Ha, Ha) Your going to need soap for it either way.

Dishwashing Liquid

Personally, I’ve been trying Dawn platinum, and I must say, I rather like it. You don’t need a lot, so it lasts a while, and if you have been exposed to poison oak, its great to wash up with as a hopefully preventive measure.

All Purpose Cleaner

I personally prefer one called “Totally Awesome” however, I am experimenting with some homemade ones as well, and am hoping to have an alternative cleaning solution soon. Not that this one isn’t bad at all, you can easily get anything off that’s stuck on the counter, and its stain fighting as well, so its a great starter cleaner in my book. And pretty cheap too.