Back in I believe it was late march, I posted a youtube video about planting Potatoes, in a laundry basket from the dollar store. I’ve read a few different tutorials online about it, and they all have the same message, so I wanted to try it out. Besides, that’s a staple crop, a very good one to grow, so there’s a win win in it too.

I’ll attach the video, in which I explain the basic principle on how this laundry basket potato works. It’s rather simple really.

Well, now that we know more on how we plan on growing these potatoes, let’s look at how they have done in just 1 month since planting:

They are almost over the top!! This should mean that they have just about reached maturity, and now its just getting them ready for harvest. When the leaves turn yellow and start to droop, that is a sign that they are just about ready to harvest. But leave them in the ground until the foliage has turned brown and died back completely. This will give them a longer shelf life, and if that means they will last longer, why not? But just remember to save one potato as your “seed” so that you may plant it again, thus, an endless supply of taters!

My intention was to do a youtube “series” of sorts about this experiment. But for whatever reason, neither my desktop computer, nor my laptop computer seem to like my video editing software, so I’ve been frustrated with getting it to work, as well as the fact that I don’t really want to go look for another piece of software. But alas. Enough of my whining. 

That’s the potato update! From what research I’ve one about the potatoes, it will still take another month, maybe more before they are fully ready for harvest, but you bet your booty I will be updating as I feel necessary. Now, below is an affilate link for the potting soil I used for this project. If you buy it from the link below, I will get a small profit.