I’m not perfect, nor do ever pretend to be. There are days when I struggle to get just my basic stuff done, but each day I try my best and try to overcome whatever it is preventing me from my housework. Unless of course, its my children. Always, children first.

Here, I am going to share with you my top 5 most hated chores, and how I overcome my hatred and just get them done and over with. Yeah, some days is harder than others but in the long run, if you just get them done, your home will look so much nicer.  And your family will be happier, trust me.


This one, I’ve just always hated. Which sucks because it’s one of those Daily chores. I have always hated doing the dishes. And at first, it was only because I wasn’t good at it. Now, I’m good at it AND I still hate doing them. Whenever Daniel and I are ready to buy our own home, I’m going to pamper myself by getting a dishwasher.

Cleaning the toilet

Now, this one isn’t hard or anything, but I used to clean offices for a living around 3-4 years ago. And I hated cleaning the toilets because they were always to stained, you couldn’t really get the inside of the bowl to look nice without putting your entire hand inside the bowl full of well, icky dirty toilet water. Gross. However, I have read about a “hack” where you put a can of coke in the bowl for a good cleaning. I have yet to try though. I’ll letcha all know what’s what when I do.

Cleaning Clear Shower Walls

When I moved into my home, the shower was, clean, however there was buildup on the clear shower door, Which I had no idea how to clean, so I did my best with what I had at the time, however, it just got worse over time. So, obviously I hated cleaning it because it wouldn’t look any better. Until now. In my last post, I speak of the magic eraser. The product that has started swaying my in the direction of not quite hating cleaning the shower anymore. It started to remove the calcium build up on the door, and actually quite easily. I was beyond amazed at the job it did.

Doing Laundry

This one, i normally wouldn’t hate, but look at my choices here. Either do it by hand or go to a laundromat, which we don’t have many good ones here. I’ll choose to stay home and do it the longer, harder way if it means I’ll be safer. And I know, it’s temporary, because Daniel and I strive to own a home of our own someday, but until that day comes, or I Have an easier way of doing laundry just fall in my lap, its staying on the list.

Taking out the Trash

This one, I’m kinda lucky, because normally, Daniel does this for me, but on the off chance I do, I just am not a fan of the smell, of garbage. And when I was pregnant, smell was a huge thing for me. If it smelled rotten, I couldn’t eat and there was a good chance I’d hurl. We just got in the habit of Daniel doing the trash, and its just kind of stayed in that rhythm primirally. And that’s okay with me.

Now, this list isn’t to say well I don’t ever do these chores, or what have you, its to show that I’m human too, and am not this positive, perky housewife all the time either, but to at least keep myself somewhat sane for my husband and children, only limit yourself to 2, maybe 3 of the chores you hate. Personally, I always do dishes, so that I get it done and over with early, and then I see what has to be done to determine what’s next.  

Anyways. Ladies, please quit beating yourself up over the litle things. Its okay to despise certain chores, but that doesn’t mean that they must be neglected. Just get them done and over with a little bit each day. Your house (and family) will appreciate it, and so will you. Making one happy family.