Normally, when I would need something super deep cleaned I would normally go reach for my Totally Awesome cleaner and a rag. I have even written a blog post about it (here). I like it. Spray, let it sit a few minutes, maybe spray again real quick and wipe away. Simple. I knew about the magic eraser, but I always thought it would cost more. That was until I started looking on buying things from amazon a bit more.

The magic eraser is amazing for many reasons. Normally, I will still use totally awesome, or a vinegar mixture for my counter-tops and cutting boards, but for things such as general cleaning or bathroom, ect, I will go more tword the magic erasers. Recently, I needed to do some shower TLC. Re Silicon some of it, clean it really well, and attempt at getting the Calcium deposits off the door like I’ve been trying to do since we moved into the place. I heard through the grapevine that its good for that type of thing, and I figure I’d give it a shot since I had the magic erasers anyways.

And let me tell you, IT WORKED! Now, for it to look the way I want it too, I should probably wipe it down another time or two, just to make sure I get it all. But it already looks amazing! With the fresh (coats?) of silicon, and the glass getting a bunch better, now I just need to clean and put back the bamboo shower mat.

Amazon has amazing deals, and one of them is this pack of magic erasers. For $9.45 you get 20 magic erasers, which calculates to approximately $0.47 per eraser. And if you buy a subscription you can save up to 5%. Plus you will get them on a regular basis. Win win.

I share this not just to make your job as a housewife easier. I also share this because if you buy from my link, it will give me a percentage of the sale. Which obviously would help me and my family out a great deal. Now that I’ve started cleaning with the magic erasers, I see no end in sight. I use it for the bathroom mostly, but also for walls and doors, and tables, anything that’s real difficult to get off, and 9 times out of 10 it works. The 10th time normally being something weird you normally wouldn’t be cleaning normally anyways.

I urge you to give the magic erasers a try, you will find that it makes your job so much easier. And yes moms, it DOES take crayon and marker off the walls!