When I moved into my new home going on two years ago, there was a beautiful pink rose bush in the front yard. However, at the  time I had no idea how versatile roses were, so I would pick them to decorate my home with, and then into the trash they went. Oh how I could go back in time and change that with what I have learned.

When I quit my job, I started looking into ways you could save money, and how to get the most out of your dollar, buying in bulk, ect. Anything I thought could benefit my family in some form or another. And I also wanted to make my backyard look better, so maybe I could plant the kinds of plants which could also be useful in a medicinal or substantial way, like tomatoes and aloe vera type thing.

So for my birthday, I asked for a garden. My mother was nice enough to give me $100.00 towards my garden, which thankfully bought all the veggies I have room for, with enough room for some succulents in a small, shallow concrete planter in my yard as well.

Shortly after I planted my garden, I noticed I needed to trim my roses- badly. I did and remembered something about a Rose Aloe scrub. I trimmed and picked the pedals, and started looking into what all I could do with roses, Boy was I surprised!

So far, with just ingredients I already had in my home I was able to make

  • Rose Water
  • Rose Aloe Healing Gel
  • Rose Sugar Scrub
  • Rose Makeup Spray

There are still even more things you can make with roses, things like salves and whatnot. That however takes much more time as you have to make the Infused oil first.

Rose Water


The easiest thing to make is probably the rose water. You can make it in small, or large batches too. Basically, you take all your rose petals, and put it in a pot, then you fill it with just enough water to cover them and turn them on low heat until all the color drains from the rose. it will look really pale when the process is done. And yes, the lid must be on for this. I think it took anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Time kinda runs together these days, so I can’t say that I really remember.

Rose Aloe Healing Gel

This one is really just as easy. It’s equal parts aloe vera gel and rose petals. I used dry, but I don’t see a problem with fresh. It’s great for healing burns and whatnot, however it is best made

in small batches as it has a very small shelf life. I found this out the hard way. Lets just say when it goes bad it does NOT look pretty.

Rose Sugar Scrub

This one you are welcome to adjust as needed. As goes for any of these recipes. This one calls for 1 Cup of sugar, ¼ baby oil and 12 Rose petals. You blend it in a food processor, and its done. And if you want more “rosey” smell to it, feel free to add essential oils. It leavs my skin feeling nice and refreshed after a long day out in the garden.

Rose Makeup Setting Spray

This one is super simple. It calls for ½ cup of Witch Hazel, and ½ cup of Rose Water. Nothing could be easier!