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May 2018

Magic Erasers

Normally, when I would need something super deep cleaned I would normally go reach for my Totally Awesome cleaner and a rag. I have even written a blog post about it (here). I like it. Spray, let it sit a… Continue Reading →

4 “Rosey” Tips

When I moved into my new home going on two years ago, there was a beautiful pink rose bush in the front yard. However, at the  time I had no idea how versatile roses were, so I would pick them… Continue Reading →

Homemade Salsa

Homemade Salsa With me quitting my job not too long ago, and keeping my main focus on my blog and candle selling, I was fearing for our budget. Even when I was working, it seemed like we could never get… Continue Reading →

Summer Garden 2018

Recently, I put in my summer garden. This year, if a plant can be sucessfully planted in a pot, its going in one. Accept for my tomatoes. I’ve heard of them doing ok in pots but I’ve only had luck… Continue Reading →

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