Its not every day that my husband cooks steak. Well heck, its not every day we have steak either for that matter. But the last time I went shopping, it was a good price, and I had been craving a nice juicy steak for quite some time now. So I took it out for dinner the other night, and my husband noticed. Suddenly, he was wanting to cook it himself! I made sure to let him know that I had taken it out because I wanted mine cooked quite specifically, and yet he was still willing (and wanting) to cook it himself!

But then he spoke of mushrooms. Him and I normally don’t like mushrooms, so I was a tad confused. I was just so happening to go out with my mom that day, so I picked some up while I was out. I just got some white button mushrooms, pre-sliced. Now, I tried my best to pay very close attention, and from what I remember, this is all the ingredients he used:

  • Steak
  • Mushrooms
  • Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Red Potatoes
  • Salt, Pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce (optional)
  • Thyme

Now, first I remember him seasoning the steak liberally with Salt and pepper, while waiting for the butter to melt in the pan. Once the butter was all melted he put in the thyme and steak and let it cook. Once it was done to everyone’s liking, he took the steaks off and put them on a plate to rest. In goes the mushrooms and potatoes now with the butter thats still left over in the pan. Soon, they start giving off their juices and cooking down, making a very yummy looking sauce, to which he adds a tiny bit of olive oil, and after tasting, adds some Worcestershire sauce to taste. Once the potatoes are done and the sauce has reduced to more of a glaze, Add the steaks again to warm a bit and serve.

So in the end, when its all said and done, you have a meal made completely with one pan. It looks gourmet, and is so delicious that it will leave you wanting more. Like I said earlier, I do not like mushrooms, and on a normal basis, its hard for me to not pick them out. But not only did I eat these mushrooms, I would eat them again. It paired well with that steak the way everything was flavored and whatnot.