I think this has been the longest I have gone without updating my blog one bit. But let me tell you why. You see, on March 6th 2018 I birthed a human! My baby boy Vito Kerman Lemke was born two weeks ago. And the weeks leading up to it, I had been in quite a deal of pain, and was doing my best to get stuff done to help speed up his arrival. Needless to say, as much as I would have liked to cook, and experiment and add to my blog, I just simply did not have the energy to do so. Daniel either cooked, or we would have take out.

I actually went into labor on the 5th, in the middle of the night. And I finally awoke Daniel around 4 and told him I just couldn’t stand it anymore, and it was time to go to the hospital. So after being hooked up to monitors for a few hours, they determined that I was in fact in active labor and I would be staying there until I gave birth, which would be just 11 ish hours or so later. I did have to have the baby at the hospital that I originally didn’t want to, but to be perfectly honest, I had such a positive experience there this time, it was wonderful. Such nice nurses, and they always wanted to make sure I had everything I needed, weather it be food, water, soda, whatever it may be. It was very nice, and I almost felt pampered!

What I didn’t like however, is that I did not bring anything to do. I was of course head over heels with my son, but there were times that day/night where he would be sleeping, and I couldn’t sleep, so there was a lot of TV watching. Thank goodness they had Cable and like piratically ALL the channels to my disposal.

Daniel was smart, he brought his laptop on which he was either playing Civilization 5, or Programming. I had my phone, so I played a lot of mobile games, pintrest, and shopping. Thankfully, we were on our way home the next day, which was amazing. Being wheeled outside, and the fresh air felt amazing on both me and little man.

On the way home, we grabbed some dinner, as neither of us wanted to cook. We wanted to go home for the first time as a family of 4 and just be together, embrace the new life that Daniel and I created with the one we had created 6 years ago. It was an odd feeling really. Elizabeth was born 6 years ago, and at one point was almost just as helpless as Vito is now. Its neither of their faults, we have all been helpless at one point since we have all been babies at one point in our lives.

And thats where we are at now! Daniel and I have slowly started trying to integrate our normal lives back to somewhat normal since Vito’s been here. Daniels had a week where it involved some long work hours, and I’ve been trying to get the house clean and keep it maintained. Which even though many moms say take it easy and whatnot, I can’t. I cant just sit around and do nothing, I like being busy. So when Vito naps, I get as much done as I can, and when he wakes up, I change and nurse him, and spend time with him.

And now, I’m trying to get back on track with the blog and Country Scents. It will probably take a few days or weeks to get used to it and back in the groove of things, but I’ll get there. Hopefully.