So, at 30 weeks pregnant, I got a job. Yep, you head that right. I am just as surprised as you probably are. I am normally just a noon duty for 2 hours a day. Now, I will be a Cafeteria Assistant, 3 hours a day. So its one more hour AND its doing something I love, working with food. I’m hoping on the occasion, I can post photographs and even have more blog content with the stuff I learn working in a professional kitchen.

There is only one thing I’m worried about however. As many of you moms know, with pregnancy comes our best friend swelling. And this first two weeks, I will be on my feet the majority of the time between 8:30-12:45. Today, is the completition of the first week. I have one more week to go, and then I will be on my regular shift for the new job, which is 9:45-12:45

My first day was also the hardest. I went from the ability to sit whenever I wanted during Christmas break, to having to stand for close to 4 hours with only one small 10 minute break. By the time 12:45 rolled around I felt like my feet were going to fall off. It was horrible. Some days are easier however, as there are times we don’t have as much to do, on the easier days. But I am loving my job, and I am ready for my new adventure.

My first day, I learned a new way of cutting oranges, and I got used to the cafeteria. Now, I’ve been in school cafeterias before, but this seemed to be an older one. The one at my old job was a brand new kitchen due to a fire that happened. We also made some chili for the next day’s chili cheese fries, and I leaned how to do some of the paperwork.

That’s also why I haven’t been the best at updating this week. I’ve just been so exhausted that I normally came home and passed out. And then of course, get insomnia, so I’ll wake up around 4, and then can’t get back to sleep until after 12am, which means less than 7 hours of sleep for this pregnant mama due to being uncomfortable, getting up to pee, ect.

But all of that is okay! I am incredibly happy and I can’t wait to see what my future in food service holds. I’m already learning tips and tricks to share with you all!