With all these new apps these days, there is all sorts of ways you can save money nowadays. And as a housewife, I am always looking into ways where I can save a few extra dollars. Weather I put thoes dollars into savings, or use it to help a friend, my thought is why not save money when it is possible? There is everything from reciept scanners to apps that you connect your card with and when they detect a possible money saving options and they give you points in which you can save up to get gift cards, prizes, ect.

So, I figured I would share with you my tips on saving money. I have touched on it a bit in the past, but not too much on it. I didn’t really have the apps I have now which has helped greatly. Some granted get used more than others, but everyone could potentially find these useful and that is my goal today. To help all of you, my readers.

  1. DOSH.Dosh is an app where you get a certain % back from purchaces with the card you link with it. When I signed up I got a bonus for each card I added, plus an additional bonus for refering a friend of mine. So before I actually used the card to make ANY purchases I had already made $25.00 from it. Which was quite helpful during the holidays.

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  2. DROP 

    Drop works similar, however you get points back. And with these points, you save up and turn in to earn gift cards to specific stores. The downside is that at least for me anyway, a lot of the stores I don’t really go to other than Starbucks. But I do it anyway because who can say no to free Starbucks?

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    This one is a receipt scanner. You scan all the reciepts into it and you get coins, as well as entries to win things such as gift cards. Once you have at least 1,000 coins, you can redeem them for Paypal money, or amazon gift cards, or if it fits your fancy more, even magizene subscriptions. It can be difficult to remember to scan every single reciept at first, but once you get a method you really rack up more points than you realize. Some reciepts also give you “slot play” in which you can win anywhere from 0-2000 coins, or a trip!

  4. COUPONSThis one may seem a little old fashioned but yes, I still use good ole fashioned coupons. Most stores still accept them, and there are even aps such as retail me not and websites such as cupons.com in which you can print them out to use. The method I use is to first look for coupons for things that I need. Things such as toilet paper, butter, etc. And once I’ve clipped all of those, then I’ll look for coupons for things I want.
Some Other Tips to help save money

You know all thoes rewards points from stores such as Kmart and Sears and such? Well I am finding that if you actually save up the points and use them, you could even potentially get things for free! For example, I recently was able to get a closet orgnizer and some food for my rose bush, with my reward points! That saved me $27.89! And I still have some points left over that I can use, but I am choosing to save them for a later date.

Now, one tip that some may not agree with is to get off brand when you can. For exmple. In my experience does it really matter what brand of TP you get? Normally….not really. So why save a buck or two and just get an off brand. Same with flour. Get whaever you need, but do you really need the name brand? 9-10 the recipe doesn’t call for a very specific brand, just sometimes a specific type of flower (aka cake flower for example). And go to a grocery store that wont break the bank! Now I’m not saying do ALL your shopping at Walmart by any means (not that there isn’t anything wrong with that either) but go to a grocery store that doesn’t price gouge you. I go to a local store most of the time called Save-More. Its priced much like Walmart, or Winco, but it helps the local community out. Which if anyone knows me by now they know that it is important for me to help out my community.

Now, I would love to take credit for all of these tips, but I must give all the credit to my Mother and dear friend Emma, whom taught me a lot of them. Growing up I didnt have all of the money in the world, but we always ate good, and I paid good attention to how my mom did her grocery shopping. And thanks to Emma, I’m learning all the neat apps you can use to save even more than that. So take this, and use what you can, and you will find that even if its just $5.00 your able to save every month. Take that money, put it in a jar, and eventually, it will add up!