Mississippi mud roast. Sounds kinda gross right? But what if I told you it was the best thing you could ever do to a cheap roast from the grocery store. Yup. I am completely serious too. Literally, buy the cheapest roast you see in the store. That is obviously big enough to feed everyone you need too of course. And then the rest of the ingredients are incredibly simple!


  • 1 Ranch Packet
  • 1 Aj Juice Packet
  • 5 Peppercinis
  • 1 Stick butter
  • Crock Pot cheapie roast

So, the directions are incredibly simple. Put the roast in the crock pot with the dry seasonings and the butter right on top. Put the pepperonis in as well and turn it on low for 8 or so hours. Personally, when I was working longer hours I loved making this. I would throw it together in the morning before I left, and when I got home, I threw together a side or two and voila! Dinner was done in hardly any time on my part. Not only does it taste delicious, but it makes your whole house smell wonderful.

The first time I heard this recipe, I thought it sounded gross. Gravy mix and ranch? Whats up with that? And putting pepperonis in the crock pot? W-What? But I got nothing but rave reviews from it, so I figured what the hey. Husband should like it anyways.

Once It had cooked all day, around 6pm I started on the sides I would be fixing that night. In this case, sauteed squash and leftover mashed potatoes with a gravy made from the croc drippings. It was then I discovered something I needed to invest in. A fat separator. Wow. I didn’t even think about it until I served the gravy over my own mashed potatoes and thought “Wow, look at all that fat!” But live and learn right? It still tasted very very good. Daughter devoured it, and so did husband.

Ingredients for Squash:

2 Squash (I chose a green and yellow to make it look pretty)

1-2tbsp butter

Salt, Pepper, garlic powder onion powder

I just left it on the pan stirring occasionally until I got my preferred donenes. I was greatly surprised that daughter really enjoyed it! Daniel didn’t have any as he wasn’t too hungry so by the time he finished his meat and peppercinis he was pretty full.

All in all, it was a wonderful new years eve dinner, and the family all left the table happy, and full. I must say. Even though I’m hurting, and the simplest activities are getting harder to accomplish, Fixing my family a filling, healthy meal, still gives me great pride. And even though now I have a sink full of dishes, I know they will get done eventually, and someday I aspire to have a dishwasher, but for now, I’ll deal with the little irritations that come with keeping my family healthy and happy.