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January 2018

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad The other day, I started my new kitchen job. Its pretty fun, but the food does get old rather quickly, so when I can, I pack something to eat with me. But what to pack? Well, I figured… Continue Reading →

Country Scents

Recently, I started having an interest in candle making. I can remember my parents doing it as a kid, until our cat knocked down a work in progress candle. Then my parents just kind of lost interest in the whole… Continue Reading →

My New Job

So, at 30 weeks pregnant, I got a job. Yep, you head that right. I am just as surprised as you probably are. I am normally just a noon duty for 2 hours a day. Now, I will be a… Continue Reading →

Pork & Roasted Potatoes

One of the first meals I ever remember cooking for my husband, was pork chops. And being that we were a new couple, and couldn’t get our hands off each other, I ended up burning the pork chops. (Although in… Continue Reading →

Money Saving Tips

With all these new apps these days, there is all sorts of ways you can save money nowadays. And as a housewife, I am always looking into ways where I can save a few extra dollars. Weather I put thoes… Continue Reading →

I’ve been Nominated (Again!)

This blog have been nominated for the Liebster Award 2018 by the blog Smart Space Room. This is a blog which is all about Home Design, Inspiration and ideas. You can check out her blog here. I thank her greatly,… Continue Reading →

Mississippi Mud Roast

Mississippi mud roast. Sounds kinda gross right? But what if I told you it was the best thing you could ever do to a cheap roast from the grocery store. Yup. I am completely serious too. Literally, buy the cheapest… Continue Reading →

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