Well, its almost 2018. I hope you all had a wondeful Christmas, spending it with thoes most important to you. Personally, I had a good christmas. In the morning, I awoke, and was able to have the ultra rare me time. I was able to watch some cooking shows and just enjoy my morning before anyone else awoke. It was quite nice. Once everyone was awake however, Daniel and I drank our morning coffee, while the daughter played with the gifts which were in her stocking that we had opened on Christmas Eve.

Around 10am my mom came over with my dog, and we opened all of our presents. It really seemed like everything I got everyone they enjoyed. Especially the husband and his sausage gift pack from Hillshire Farm. Elizabeth literally tore every single gift box which was wrapped or tape. So, needles to say I’ll have to buy more boxes next Christmas. Ah well though. Its the memories that count right?

Daniel cooked once again. This time however, since it was just the four of us, we had a small dinner. Roasted chicken with veggies, and a green salad, with mint cupcakes for dessert. Once dinner and dishes were done, we all sat down and watched the star wars movie, Rouge One. As begged to by our Daughter. While watching, Daniel and Elizabeth had a fight with their new Lightsabers. Daniel was of course was Red, and Elizabeth’s, Green. They thoroughly enjoyed it. Even if the movie was kinda dumb.

Unfortunately, while mom was loading up the car to leave, she broke her finger just as she was getting the dog in the car. I stayed inside, thinking of course it would just take a few minutes to get all loaded up. And Daniel was helping her load the car. But then she came back inside with an extremely mangled finger. I knew immedatley that it was broken, but she was in denial. Not that I can blame her. 59 years old and getting your first broken bone, new world record maybe? I felt horrible, and I was extremely mad at the dog for it But what could I do? I splinted her finger as best as I could until she was able to get it looked at by a professional.

I got some new things for the baby, Some outfits, and a cute little hat, booties and diaper cover set from my sister in law, which she crocheted herself. A killer chocolate set from Daniel, along with a candle, some gardening tools, and a new external hard drive. Mom got me nice pants, a few new shirts, and some foundation that I have been desperate needing. All in all, the gifts I got were wonderful, and I think I’ve used most of them, with the acceptation of possibly the gardening tools. I’m in the process of trying to re-grow some Celery, but I don’t know if It is doing much of anything so far. But they will be put to good use.

So all in all, our Christmas was small, relaxing, and enjoyable. I’m now spending the rest of my vacation, trying to get things settled with the rest of my dads finances. It seems like I’m running into nothing but issue after issue with that junk. But what can you do? Its all part of life.