My life at 25 weeks

Recently, I made it to my first viability milestone. Meaning that if baby were to come early, there is a chance that he could survive, but we would really like him to keep cookin a bit longer. My anxiety had started to subside a great deal, as I feel him squirming and moving about. Many firs time moms ask me how it feels- when a baby is squirming and moving around. For me it almost feels like I’m being poked gently, but from the inside. Its a feeling that for moms is different for everyone, which is why it can be so hard to explain. Some moms say it feels like little gas bubbles popping.

According to my app, this week baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower. Being that I’m having a baby boy, this is the week that his testicles are making their decent into the scrotum. Something my husband had a good laugh about when I told him. He is also practicing his breathing my sucking in the amniotic fluid, and peeing it out. By this point, the whole womb is sterile urine. Sounds gross, but if you think about it, all the baby has around to ingest is Amniotic Fluid. So thats the only thing that’s been going through his organs. Doesn’t seem as bad now does it.

This week I also did my Glucose testing. With my daughter it was awful, not because I didn’t pass or anything, but because their mini fridge had broke and I had to drink the Fruit Punch kind. Warm. Talk about disgusting! With my baby boy however, their fridge was working, and I got a flavor that reminded me of warm Sprite. You have to drink it in 5 minutes too. ( I guess all that beer guzzling did do me a favor! JOKING!) I had it down in 3 just because I wanted the 60 minutes to get going already. While I waited, my husband held my hand and we walked around my doctors office. The two hours passed very slowly. And by the time I was done I was ready for coffee and food (keep in mind you must fast for at LEAST 8 hours prior to the test) During the last blood draw I could feel my baby boy kicking. Probably thinking “mom, whats up with you, drinking a crapload of sugar and no food?”

This is also the week in which my baby (and any mom who is 25 weeks) that baby is packing on the fat to help regulate his temperature. He can also detect light, and his lungs are practicing for the big breath outside the womb in another 14 weeks or so . For myself anyway, when my boy is most active at around 9pm, my husband makes a point of feeling him moving all around. His feet seem to be getting closer to my ribs every week. And he is most comfortable on my bladder I am also noticing.

Week 26 is a big one as well. Baby has a much greater chance of surviving if he is born that week. We want him to keep cooking though, at least until 37 weeks when he is considered “done”.