Christmas Stress

Every year I want to go above and beyond for my family. I feel they diverse it. My husband for working so hard for us all the time, my daughter, for working so hard at school and always behaving and minding her manners. Many years however, we can’t do much. I am blessed to have some family members who know me well enough and are kind enough to send me some money around the holidays to help with bills, or groceries, or Christmas shopping so that it is less stressful on myself. So I usually try to make something by hand for those I love every year.

This year, for my daughter, its a blanket. I know she is going through a lot with a baby brother on the way, and I’ve been making him a few things and I don’t want her feeling left out, so- I figured one of her gifts could be a blanket. So she and my son has one that I’ve made for them. So far, I’m taking all the material I have extra and doing what I can with it. And when I run out, I am going to the Salvation Army and grabbing any material that is big enough, and that is my daughters favorite colors. The last time I looked they didn’t have any boyish colors for my son however. So I may have to bite the bullet and scrounge around joann sales.

Another thing I tend to do for my husband. He really isn’t into the whole giving him gifts usually. So I usually just get him what he needs. Socks. Pants, shirts. A tool or two for work if he needed any. It gives him something to unwrap under the tree, and he is perfectly content with being gifted what he needs, so it tends to work out. He gets his joy from watching Elizabeth and I unwrap our gifts and seeing our reaction to them.

Its normally my husband who reminds me that Christmas is not about the gifts you receive, but the time your able to spend with your family and others that you love. Normally, he will cook us a nice turkey (or ham, if we have it ) and we will be together with my mom, playing games and helping Elizabeth put together some of her toys.

Which is why my advice for everyone is that if you can give a gift, thats great. If you can make one, that’s great too. But if your on a tight budget and its between paying your bills or buying gifts, please. Simply take care of your family by paying your bills and give someone the gift of reminding them what the Christmas season is all about. Love, and togetherness. Something I’m still trying to learn. Don’t go over what your able to do, just because you want everyone to be happy. In life, there is no way to make everyone happy, so don’t try. Simply be yourself, do what you can and those with a truly caring heart will follow.