In the spirit of thanksgiving and the holidays, its a time for family traditions. Each family has a tendency to have their own traditions that they follow every year. Weather its something you cook or do. I have friends who’s tradition is to go out to eat on thanksgiving night. This way nobody has to cook and the family is all together. My family has traditions of their own, some dating back to even when I was a kid.

Pie Crust:

This seems like a silly tradition doesn’t it? But my great grandmother has a pie crust recipe, that was handed down to my grandmother, my mother, and now myself. As a child, I can’t remember a year that my mom didn’t make the infamous pie crust. And now, that I’m an adult, I tried an experiment. That same recipe, but in the food processor this year. And let me tell you. It took 5 minutes! I wont lie. I used to hate making that pie crust because I would mess up every time, or it would make a big mess, ect. But now. Wow! I dirty the bowl, blade and lid of the food processor plus measuring instruments. And that’s it! Woo-Hoo!

Late Night Coffee

Ok. This one is probably a tradition for the thanksgiving cooks, but it never fails, I’m always drinking a cup of coffee around 7-8Pm at night, just because of all I need to do! Some years I have multiple pies to make, other years it may only be one pie, but I still have cleaning to do, dinner to do, dishes, ect. To get ready for thanksgiving itself! Even the years where it may just be my mom coming over, I’m not going to make her think she raised a pig.

Playing Cards

Every thanksgiving day, we try not to get too involved in much of anything, since Daniel has to tend to the turkey, and I normally have a big pot of stock going on the stove as well. So because of this, Daniel and I tend to play cards with my mom while we wait for dinner. Usually we will start off with Kings in the corners and go from there.

Cinnamon Rolls

Since Every year I make my traditional pie crust. I normally have leftover dough. Not always a lot but waste not want not! I try to use every scrap I can. So I will roll it out. And smear the whole thing with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Roll it up, cut it, and pop it in the oven. Normally I have other things going in the oven so I just keep an eye on it. When they are done, make a simple glaze with powdered sugar and milk and you have yeast-free cinnamon rolls. This year I didn’t even get one as my husband and daughter devoured them!

Every family has their set of traditions. Some involve playing football, while others just involve being with families. All in all, I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with you and yours. And don’t be too greedy this christmas. Remember. Its about giving, and Christ. Not buying the fanciest gift you can for your children. Teach them the reason for the season this year.