While I was going through some of my dads things I noticed some unused candle wicks. Now, my mom and dad had experimented with candle-making as a kid, but it seemed to be just a fad that they got bored of once our cats knocked down a whole jar of hot wax. Me on the other hand, have been dying to reuse some of my old candles in hopes to make one new one. But alas, I never was able to go buy me some wicks to do it with. So when I found these, I jumped at the chance to keep them. When I got home and rested for a day or so, I dug out what I had, and started the process. This is what I used.

  • Pot of water
  • Old candle jar with leftover wax
  • Something to put the wax in, aka candle holder thingy
  • Tongs

The first step is to get a pot of water going, I did it on medium. Put your candle jar with leftover wax in there and wait for it to melt. Once you can see it melting you want to dip your wick in it, and place it in the jar that you will be making the candle in. This way, the wax almost acts as a glue and makes the wick stick. This takes a lot of patience, and I wont lie, it is easy if you have a friend there to help hold the wick, as the first time you put the melted candle wax in, it will be difficult to keep the wax steady. But I was able to do it by myself, just by pouring the wax quickly, and then holding it until it set just enough for the wax to keep the wick still. Chopsticks work rather well too, just wrap the top of the wick on the chopstick and let it sit on top of the jar during this process. Too bad I didn’t think about it until half way through this process.

I did this because you can only burn a candle for so long before either 1. the wick doesn’t light anymore or 2. really not enough wax to burn, yet still enough wax to save for a new candle. Maybe its because I’m learning how to be extra conservative, but I always felt that the wax from candles could be reused, just like the wax from the sensy burners too. So I use both kinds of wax’s. And if I have any essential oils I feel would be great for a particular candle, I’ll drop in a few drops of those as well.

I do this for many reasons. I love candles, and could easily spend a lot of money on them. Doing this saves just a little bit of that. Its also fun to do, and it uses every last bit of the wax possible. What could be better!