Recently, I read about a woman who had run out of ideas of what to pack in her husbands lunch. I couldn’t believe at the mean cruel comments she received for it! Many of these high and mighty women who think they are too good to do something nice for their husbands. Comments such as “I pack my husband a get it yourself lunch with a side of I’m not your mother” like What? Your husband works hard all day and many times probably doesn’t even ask you to pack his lunch and your being a meanie about it? Personally, I pack my husbands lunch because I know if he didn’t, he wouldn’t, meaning he wouldn’t eat. And he works so hard for me and our family, its the least I could do, and honestly, how bad is it, seriously. Takes maybe 30 minutes.

My husband works and owns an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is co- owned with his dad. And the business is still a baby, so many times they are still on mountain tops putting in internet sites in the hot weather, digging trenches, pouring cement. Its not all sit by the computer relaxed work by any stretch of the means at all. So, I needed to think of ideas on what to make my husband to eat for lunch that he would actually eat. He is part German so he is very much into sausage and cheese. So here is just a few things that I pack in his lunch that he devours every single time.


Sometimes you can find the smoked summer sausage which says it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but husband said it tasted funky after it was out in the heat a while, so I normally stick to the big hunk of salami. Doesn’t need to be cold and it seems to tolerate room temperatures very well. I pack the whole thing with a knife since he enjoys cutting it himself.


I normally also pack him some crackers to go with the salami, I’ll pack him a whole thing of ritz or saltines and he will pick at them every now and again. Depending on what else is in his lunch is usually weather or not he eats them.

Trail Mix

Did you know the verity of trail mix is different? I got him a sweet and salty kind before and he was “meh” on it, but the kind he likes is the “Hot and spicy” verity. He is very into spicy things so I think that’s part of the reason why. I’ll get a big bag usually and pack him a snack size bag every day that way he eats it in moderation.

Granola Bar

The kind I get him changes every time that way he doesn’t get bored of it, but I do try to find the family size box that way it lasts a bit. This is good because if he doesn’t eat it with his lunch its a good snack as well for later.

Fruit (Apple normally)

Husband isn’t too big on fruit, unless its berries. I get him green apples cause he prefersthose ones and normally he eats it every time.

I’m always open to other ideas for things to pack him as well, many times this is just what I know he eats, which is important when your in a higher elevation. You need plenty of healthy foods, and drinks. If I have it, I’ll send him with plenty of water and a power-aide or two. This type of lunch could also work for construction workers as well, as they are sometimes working in extreme temperatures as well. When he has an office day, making him lunches is much easier. But I’m hoping this helps any women struggling for ideas on what to feed their husband for lunch. And by all means, if anyone has other ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!