When your pregnant, one thing you have to drink a crap ton is water. And as a kid, I used to be big on water, but the older I got, the harder it was to drink if it got warm, or just room temperature. Now, as an adult, it just tastes weird if its room temp or warm, so lately, when I needed water I would get it cold and attempt to guzzle it down all at once. But then that sometimes made my stomach hurt so that wasn’t to fun either. I needed to find a way to keep my water cold, all the time. But how? At the time I didn’t know of any cups that kept your water cold like all day.

And then one day, I was at work. I noticed my co worker had this neato cup, it had her name on it, with out school colors, and she had actually left it at work one day. It was still iced cold the next day! That had settled that, wherever she got that cup. I needed one. Soon! So I asked around and found out a parent was taking Aladdin cups, and putting our school colors, logo, and names on them! It was so cool! And she was only charging $15.00? That was a steal! So the next time I had $15 in pocket change I ordered one. And from then on, I was stoked to get it.

It took a few weeks to get back. Which looking back it makes total since, as this lady has to get the cup, put decals on, do all of that kind of stuff, and then put a finish over it and dry it. In addition to being a mom and doing mom stuff of course. And we all know how much free time moms have right?

This Wednesday it finally got here. “Ms. Miranda you have a present waiting for you on the counter” our clerk said. My cup was here! Yay! I went to the counter and sure enough, there was the blue and gold cup with my name on it and our school logo. I couldn’t wait to get it home and fill it up with ice water and see just how cold it was kept. I had errands to run that day, so it took about an hour or so before I got home.

That evening, I filled it up, and drank it in my own time, without rushing. It took me an hour or so to finish 30oz. But it stayed cold the entire time! I was thrilled! I even filled it up again and drank that all up to! A whopping 60oz all together. And I even did the same if not drank more the next day! I was drinking more water now, than I had throughout my pregnancy so far! Better late then never right? I really don’t want any soda now either, I mean I crave it but its not a really strong craving now that I have iced cold water all the time! So now, if anyone wants their drink to stay warm or cold, I will recommend that they get the aladdin cup. I’ll even include a link to their website, and where to get their cups on amazon.

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