Having Babies on a Budget

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for years. But our income hasn’t always been a great one. But we were of the opinion that we have our daughter. And if you think about it, what do you REALLY need for a baby anyway? If you lay it all out there, its not a lot, and some of it can be homemade easily if you have the materials already.

What you NEED:

  • Diapers

    Weather you plan to cloth or disposable, you are going to need them. Cloth will save money as you buy your diaper surplus before hand, and you can find some cute ones at thrift stores, or websites such as Merarci or Ebay. Daniel and I plan to at least try to cloth diaper. Better for the environment, baby and our wallets!

  • Wipes

This goes along with the diapers, but with diapers obviously come wipes. Sometimes you can get bundle deals online which can be worth it depending on your wallet. Pintrest also has recipes for cloth wipes. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with this one. Cloth wipes sound interesting, but I don’t know if I want to go to those extremes. I’ve heard the cloth diapers alone are a lot of work not even including the cloth wipes with it. I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

This is a onesie that Emma made for my baby due in March Isn’t it beautiful?!

  • Clothes

    Your baby will need clothes. Eventually, you will have to go out in public with your baby and he/she cant just be naked! Again. Many different thrift-stores have cute baby clothes. I picked out some of my gender neutral clothes from when my daughter was born until I know the gender. I’m pretty well set for clothes if its a girl, but a boy…not so much.

  • PlayPin/Playyard

    This I feel is important because as a mom/housewife, there will be chores still needing to be done. This allows you to have somewhere to place baby when vacuuming for example. Also, its not completely absurd for this to be used as a temporary sleeping area for baby either. They even make the new ones with a sleeping area on the top of it.

Things that would be nice if possible:

  • Breast Pump

Daniel and I plan to Breast feed, but I also may have to go back to work, so when Daniel’s at home he will need to feed the baby sometimes. I used formula with Elizabeth due to breast feeding issues, but I’m going to try again with this babe. Luckily, I still have the pump I used with Lizzie, so I’ll be using that one as long as it still works after 5 years. Sometimes, you can get insurance to pay for a breast pump, so if you need one I encourage you to look into that option if you can. Otherwise, they can get to be pretty pricy. But its worth it!

  • Bottles

If your going to use a pump your obviously going to need bottles to go with it. At least 1 or 2. With Elizabeth, our puppy at the time had eaten all the nipples off her bottle so we wound up with 1 or 2. But it worked out, and we didn’t have any issues only having 2 bottles.

  • High Chair

    This one actually came from something that happened to my husband as an infant. Its 1992. My husband, at 3 days old was admitted back in the hospital for a staph infection. He almost died. It took a while but he became all better. Fast forward 3 months later. My mother in law noticed that he was just always hungry. Breast milk just wasn’t cutting it for him anymore. Worried about her first born, she called his doctor, whom said “give him some baby cereal with your breast milk or formula, sounds like he is ready”. The point to this story is that some babies can be ready for baby cereal at an early age, epically if they are like my husband as a baby and just aren’t getting enough to eat. So a high chair, or boppy seat with a small table, can be a godsend, and makes it much easier to feed baby.

  • Crib

    Even if you have a play pen, using it as a crib isn’t exactly ideal, thats more of a temporary solution if you find it hard to get a crib. But eventually your going to need one. My husband and I plan on having the baby in our room for a few months or so, so we can’t fit a crib in our room, but eventually, the baby will be in a crib in its own room. Cribs can be easy to get if you know people. I was lucky enough to get the one I had for my daughter for free. And as long as its in good condition I plan on using it again. It is a white one, so its gender neutral. But a Crib and a high Chair are both things that are good to have before baby, but its not going to hurt anything if you have to wait to get it until after baby either.

And all of this changes upon the person, and their finances and needs. Someone with more finances may be able to afford more. I am lucky enough to have family that is willing to help me when they can, but I want to try to grow my wings and attempt to get what I need on my own. I never had a baby shower with my daughter, so I’m contemplating on that still. Maybe just a baby shower bbq for both genders. I’m still figuring it all out for the first time again. It feels weird, but I love it at the same time.