So most days, I pull out what meat we are doing for dinner before I leave for work. This gives it all day to thaw. But yesterday, I had totally forgotten. So I let my husband choose “Chicken or fish tonight babe?” I asked. He answered with fish. I had only cooked Swai one other time and it was ok, but could be better. So I looked up the proper way to cook it. I found a few different recipes but most of them called for lemons or limes. Which, I didn’t have. I didn’t have any citrus. So I had to find a recipe that didn’t need one. Which I did find one, and I wound up improving it. It called for olive oil, butter, salt and pepper.

This is what I used:

Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Swai Fillets

First, preheat your oven to 375, I melted the butter and garlic and parsley in a post on the stove until it was melted, while I seasoned both sides of the fish (make sure you pat dry first!) with all the rest of the seasonings. Just to make sure the fish doesn’t stick, I lined the baking sheet with foil and a little bit of oil. Once the butter is melted, put the garlic parsley butter over the fish, and put in the oven. The recipe called for 20-25 minutes, but I had to turn the fish after 20 and give it an additional 5 minutes.

With the fish, I had some left over potatoes I needed to use up from when I made hamburger steaks a few days ago. I wanted to make some mashed potato pancakes, but I didn’t have any eggs. So what on earth could I do to make these mashed potatoes seem new again, but without using egg products? So I took a muffin tin. Chopped up some onions to mix in with the potatoes, and put the potatoes in the muffin tin. I dragged a fork across the top of them and put a bit of my garlic butter mixture on them. It was already seasoned from being the mashed potatoes from dinner a while ago, so I didn’t want to mess with the flavor too much. I also thought about topping it with cheddar cheese, but I declined as my stomach told me it wasn’t going to be able to handle that last night. I put them in the oven with the fish and that took about the same amount of time as the fish did, I waited until the potatoes were all golden brown at the top.

Dinner was a success! Everyone devoured everything, and there was no leftovers. If I were to have maybe some asparagus I feel that would have went wonderfully with everything, but not everything can be perfect every time. Sometimes, you just need to improvise with what you have. I did, and it did great!