When I first moved in to my house, one thing I really needed was towels. I really didn’t care if they matched considering that my mom and her friend were nice enough to give me some. And then over the years they just kind of accumulated. So now I have a good supply of the ode/forrest green color (which I love personally) and then some random browns, blues and a raiders towel (in a family that hates football). So when making my bathroom look cute and pretty, it drove me nuts every time I was town to thoes towels. So. What could I do with them? They were still perfectly good so I didn’t really want to just get rid of them. Donate them I suppose. But lets re-purpose them. I needed a new bathroom rug anyways after our black one got paint on it. I’m always looking for ways to be crafty and repurpose old things to something new. And while for now it may not “match” the bathroom. I’ll have a good idea on how to do it learning now, so that later on I may get matching color towels and do it again.

What you will need

  • Towels (I’m using 3 I don’t need anymore)

  • Scissors or rotary cutter

  • Needle and thread

Being my first rug, I will admit, I wasn’t expecting too much. I’m pretty certain I’ll be going to Goodwill or salvation army in the next few weeks to get maybe a brown and two earthy green tones to try it with, as I think it would 1. Look better and 2. match the theme I’m going for the bathroom more. Right now, it serves a better purpose. Even if it doesn’t look pretty.

The first step is to fold your towels as the picture bellow shoes, and cut them into 1in strips. I tried using scissors for this but my rotary cutter worked much better.

After that’s done, your going to get three of the strips and sew them together at the top. Braid it all the way down. Continue to sew the pieces on to the bottom until you have one giant braid. You don’t have to use ALL the strands, I used about half of them because I wasn’t sure if using all of them would fit in my small bathroom. Once you have your long strand done, Go ahead and sew the last three strands together. Since your not going to be adding anything we don’t want it to unravel on us. Start at the top and start winding your braid in a circle. Slowly, as you will have to hand sew it together so it stays together. At the end of the post there will be a link to the video I used which helped me out a great deal. This is a great way to reuse old towels and I feel it absorbs the water better, with my old bathmat the water would just be sitting under it until It got picked up. With this one made from towels, it absorbs the water.

Video Tutorial that I used