When many people hear the word “Housewife” or “stay at home mom” they think, no friends, no fun, no life, ect. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have a good friend of mine, who lives in Napa, and she is a stay at home mom, trying to build her new business. She got this device that allows her to make Vinyl decals! These can go on clothing, wine glasses, coasters, even your wall, similar to those one’s you buy at the dollar store, or walmart that just peel and stick!

For some of the items she is making, she is doing local pickups only for now. Thinks such as the wineglass she would prefer not to ship for obvious reasons. Her prices are reasonable too. A onesie, 0-3 months, she charges $12.00, plus an additional $3.00 for shipping. Now think of it this way. You have a baby on the way. You want a custom onesie for you little one. Maybe a white one that’s gender neutral as your not going to find out the gender, but all the onesie’s your finding are pink or blue. Emma can make the onesie you desire, in white, for a very reasonable price.

This is a onesie that Emma made for my baby due in March Isn’t it beautiful?!

The coasters. You don’t’ really see them very often these days do you? They seemed to have gone out of style. But who wouldn’t want a monogrammed one?! She can make you the same coasters you see pictured. But maybe your last name starts with a W or an S. Doesn’t matter, she can do anything you need/ want/desire!

Coasters. Personalized with your last name! My last name is Lemke and I plan on ordering a set for myself!

She has a facebook page, which you can message her directly and work out payment details. She is very nice, and I promise she doesn’t bite. Every days she is turning out new items to provide for people. And if you just want a decal, don’t know what you want to put it on quite yet, she can do that too! So, I just ask that you check out her goods, help her out by liking her page and keeping her in mind for anything you may need/want personalized. Christmas is coming, and how neat would it be if you got your loved one something personalized?!

Emma’s Creative Creations

Or you can get just the decal, and put it on anything you want! Great Xmas ideas!