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October 2017

Goodbye, Dad

Death. Its a thing that eventually, all of us will go through someday. Some of us, sooner than others. The last few weeks I had done wonderful on posting more, and more often, and then suddenly, I kind of dropped… Continue Reading →

Lunches for the Hard Working Man

Recently, I read about a woman who had run out of ideas of what to pack in her husbands lunch. I couldn’t believe at the mean cruel comments she received for it! Many of these high and mighty women who… Continue Reading →

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

So, I bought chicken thighs last time I was at the store, wanting to do some Asian paper wrap chicken. But alas, at last minute I find out I don’t have the stuff to make it. So while I could… Continue Reading →

Garlic Butter Cream Sauce

So while I am trying to make most things by hand, there are certain things I don’t think I have quite enough skills for yet. One of them being making tortellini. So, until I do, I am perfectly fine with… Continue Reading →

Aladdin Tumblr Cup

When your pregnant, one thing you have to drink a crap ton is water. And as a kid, I used to be big on water, but the older I got, the harder it was to drink if it got warm,… Continue Reading →

Beef Tips with Gravy over Rice

So I’m always getting stew meat whenever I go to the store. Most of the time because stew is a simple easy meal to make on a cold day. But then there are other days where I just think “man,… Continue Reading →

Babies on a Budget

Having Babies on a Budget My husband and I have been trying for a baby for years. But our income hasn’t always been a great one. But we were of the opinion that we have our daughter. And if you… Continue Reading →

Liebster Award!

So I am proud to say I have been nominated for a blogging award! It was by complete surprise and I am honored just for the mention! Now. Because of the award, there are requirements I must fill to be… Continue Reading →

Fish and Potato Dinner

So most days, I pull out what meat we are doing for dinner before I leave for work. This gives it all day to thaw. But yesterday, I had totally forgotten. So I let my husband choose “Chicken or fish… Continue Reading →

Frizzy Hair Problems

Normally, I am not one to give advice on hair products. Or really any beauty products. Its just not really my forte-. But I’ve been playing around with a frizzy hair cream that I am falling in love with every… Continue Reading →

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