No Microwave for me!

Yep. You heard right. This housewife does not have a microwave in her house. Oh we used to, like 4-5 years ago ish. But then when we moved, my husband had the idea of a more simplistic lifestyle. Not getting rid of everything, but getting rid of stuff we didn’t use a lot or just didn’t need. We also didn’t really have the room for a microwave when we moved. So the microwave we did have went to his office, that way he can at least warm up some chili or something when he is there. Since that day, We have only used a microwave a handful of times, and you know. I don’t miss it at all! Everything you use a microwave for you can easily do on the stove or oven. In some cases like the burritos or hot pockets, they may take longer in the oven, but they taste so much better!



Now your probably thinking, but you use more dishes, and what about the super fast things like melting butter or popping popcorn? There is a super easy way to do popcorn on the stove, without even a popcorn popper.

Put oil in a pot that has a lid. Let oil warm up before throwing kernels in. A way to do this is to get your fingertips wet and put a drop or so of water in the oil. You should hear the crackling sound if its nice and hot. Throw anywhere from ½ to a 1 cup of popcorn in. Depending on how much you want. 1 cup makes A LOT of popcorn. Once the kernals are in put that lid on and watch the magic. Now, while that is doing its thing, I grab a smaller pot and will start melting some butter, and get a bowl ready ect. Once you start to see the popcorn pop, it doesn’t hurt to shake the pot a bit to make sure it doesn’t burn. The popping noises will decrease once most or all of the kernals are popped. Flavor with butter and salt or whatever else you may like.

It may take longer sure, but think about how much healthier it is! Epically without the butter. But who wants popcorn with no butter? I mean come on!



Now, I had never even attempted steaming veggies on the stove. I didn’t like them for the longest time either so why even bother? But then I got hooked to cauliflower. Like. Addicted. So without a microwave I had no choice but to learn. But then came my other problem. I had no type of steamer basket. But my mom had an old one she hardly used anymore, being she has a microwave (from 1986 no less!) So she rarely has a reason to use it, she gave it to me. Its pretty simple to use, you just put the steamer basket in, with some water, and then put your veggies in the basket, put a lid on and wait! Different things take longer or shorter though of course. The big two I steam a lot are artichokes and cauliflower. Compared to a microwave where you have that nasty sulfur smell where you don’t even want to bother eating it after that, the stove you don’t seem to get that as much, sometimes if at all!

Heating Water or Melting Butter (or chocolate w/e)


This one, can be pretty simple as well. I know when you melt butter or want to warm up some water, many people these days just pop it in the microwave for .30 seconds or longer, but with this, I have a teapot. Just turn it on, and you have your warm water! With melting items, I do it one of two ways. 1. Double Broiler for chocolate. For butter though, I will either melt it on the stovetop or pop it in the oven while it preheats. Either is pretty gosh darn easy, it may take a minute or two longer but once you acknowledge how long it will take you learn to adapt. It takes 21 days to form a habit. And I’d say that’s how long it took me to be used to being without a microwave. Do you have a microwave at your house? How often is it Actually used ?