Is it just me? Or do husbands make some of the weirdest dinners!? Now, don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the day my man cooks and I don’t have to. But I’m always intrigued on what he would make. Sometimes he makes sauces that are delicious and could go with anything! Other times he makes what reminds me of an attempt at a gourmet meal. Or maybe what I cook is the weird thing? I try to make wholesome food, with most of the food groups in the meal. Protein veggies, a starch, a fruit (if applicable, sometimes that’s for dessert).

My husband comes from German decent. And he embraces that as much as I embrace being Italian. Needless to say we have lots of pasta, sausage and pizza sometimes. Epically lately. Even though I’m in the second trimester. After work when it is still upwards of 88-90 degrees I just feel a lot of the lack of energy. I’ll sit down, and check on the site, and the page on facebook, and then on a normal day I’d putter around the house cleaning. But since I’ve been pregnant. I have to rest upwards of 2-3 hours before I feel any energy to do anything. And thus, my housework has suffered for it. So many times lately we have super simple dinners. Unless Daniel cooks. Which. We all love when he cooks anyways as it is always a surprise.


Tonight, it was roasted sausage, baked with Pepperonis, and a little butter. And some crackers, cheese and olives on the side. Which I felt like a better cheese would have tied it all together, but still a delicious and simple appetizer, that my daughter even helped make!


The Appetizer:

  • Triscut
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Green Olive (with Pimento)

It was interesting because the juice that was inside the olive leaked on to the cheese and gave it a little more olive flavor. Delicious, and simple. I was disappointed there was no more honestly.


  • Roasted Sausage
  • Peppercinis
  • Sauerkraut

I gag at the slightest smell of sauerkraut, so Daniel didn’t put any on my plate. My daughter and him had it though, Daniel even put mustard on his and in a way almost made it into a salad. A Man salad.

So… When your husbands cook, what are some of the things they make? Do they ever invent a meal? Or make a delicious appetizer by mistake?