When many people hear the words “My husband and I are cloth diapering” you will get many responses such as “Why on earth are you putting that on yourself?” or “Oh thats so gross!” but one thing my husband and I enjoy doing is educating ourselves, and having new experiences. We are both naturalists and don’t really enjoy putting my pollution into the earth, so when we can, we avoid it. Reasons we decited to go on the cloth diaper adventure are as follows:

  • Better for the Enviorment

  • Buy a supply of Diapers and Inserts and your set until Potty Training

  • Long run Money Saver

  • Less Diaper Blowouts (seems weird right? But its true!)

  • No late night diaper runs, you have everything you need on you always!

  • Toxins found in Disposable Diapers

Cloth Diapers on Ebay, Easy enough to get started! 

Now, there are cons to Cloth diapering too. I’m not going to act like cloth diaper is the way to go for everyone because its not. With cloth diapering you are using more water to keep said diapers clean, as well as it does take more time to diaper your child. But one thing I’ve noticed is that there are no health concerns that there are in disposable diapers. And now your probably thinking “Health concerns with Disposable diapers? Are you Pulling my leg?” Well. No. I’m not. In huggies and other brands, there is a toxin called Sodium Polycrate. Which is a dye used in disposable diapers which commonly cause diaper rash. Sure may not seem like a big deal. But there are little babies out there with super sensitive skin. Happy skin makes for a happy baby! And happy baby make for Happy mommy and daddy!


With cloth diapers, you can make them yourself if you so desire, or you can buy them from amazon, or walmart new. Or do what I do when you just want a small start out supply to experiment with, and buy them off Ebay or Merarci. I’ve got two so far, and when I get further along I plan on getting more. Epically once I know if baby is a boy or a girl. I see such cute designs for either gender and I’d sure feel bad putting my boy in pink.

Although I would love to hear reasons why you decide to cloth diaper, or desire to use disposable. I always find it interesting to hear other moms decisions on why they chose one or the other. And if you also cloth diaper. What made you jump on the wagon? Comment below