Hello, Some of you may have noticed that my blog posts had been rather absent in the last few months. Well. While I was still on wordpress anyways. Well, I am pleased to give you all the reason why. Here is some back story to help you all follow:

In 2012 my husband and I felt the deisre for another child. We started trying naturally immediate. No Luck.

2013 I find out that I have a disorder called Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome. The leading cause of female infertility. Greeeeat. I start on a birth control regimen to start regulating my hormones.

2014 I start my first round of clomid. Unsuccessful and we try a diet method with Metformin and healthy eating Still no luck.

2015 after six months of no periods I get back on the birth control regimen while testing my hormones every 6-9 months.

2016 Still on the birth control because timing just doesn’t feel right.

2017 Another round of clomid AND IT WORKS! I’M PREGNANT! But wait. The baby quit growing at 8 weeks. I was supposed to be 11. I miscarry.

June 2017 Somehow, after having my first period after the miscarriage, I ovulate naturally and get pregnant while on birth control. But I didn’t know this so I keep taking the birth control.

July 29th 2017: After a trip with the father in law, husband and such for their birthdays, I notice my uterus protruding. Thats not right. I take a pregnancy test. Bold Bold Positive!


And that’s that! After years of trying, I am proud to announce that as of my last doctors appointment on Wednesday the 20th of September, baby is super healthy and I’m around 15 weeks! I’m just now getting back into the swing of things after being so tired and sick the first trimester. We waited a long time to tell people just because of how things went last time around. But each appointment my doctor has been able to find the baby’s heartbeat. With the exception of the first one, but even then he found it, it just took a bit longer than expected. Sometimes cooking still makes me queasy, so you still may find an influx in crafting posts and whatnot coming up ahead in the next few weeks while the rest of the first trimester symptoms die down, But this blog is just a little bit of everything hosuewife anyways so yall shouldn’t mind too much!