In my hometown, and what appears to be all over the north-state as well, a trend has started called “Redding Rocks”. Basically, you paint a rock, and hide it somewhere in town. Another person finds that rock, and re-hides it, or keeps it but then should paint another one to hide in town as well. I heard through the grapevine it is to actually bring awareness to special needs children, which is wonderful! Add on to that it gets families outside and spending time together. Restraunts like Subway are even participating on the occasion, painting “coupon Rocks”

It got so popular that the local paper, Record Searchlight even did a piece about it. Not to mention the group that is now on facebook. People post their progress, and hints about where they can find rocks, it has turned out to be a really great thing to do in the community and people who travel a lot are even hiding rocks in other towns and states such as Oregon.

Before I even knew this was a thing I had found a Redding rock while making deposits one day. It was sitting on the pole by the ATM and I though “What a shame someone left this just sitting here”. On the bottom it said Redding Rocks but I had no idea what that was about at the time. Then a friend of mine posted stuff about it, and it clicked “I found my first redding rock and didn’t even know it!”

I’m seeing many people though absolute clueless about what materials they need to paint rocks. Well, I’ve painted a few, and here is what I use and what is working for me:


Acrylic Paint

Brushes (all sizes, just depends on what you want to do)

Sealant (Otherwise the paint wears off over time)


I’ll post some links where I get my materials at the bottom; I urge you to try it in your community!

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