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September 2017

The house without a Microwave

No Microwave for me! Yep. You heard right. This housewife does not have a microwave in her house. Oh we used to, like 4-5 years ago ish. But then when we moved, my husband had the idea of a more… Continue Reading →

When Men Cook

Is it just me? Or do husbands make some of the weirdest dinners!? Now, don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the day my man cooks and I don’t have to. But I’m always intrigued on what he would make…. Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering. A Simple System

When many people hear the words “My husband and I are cloth diapering” you will get many responses such as “Why on earth are you putting that on yourself?” or “Oh thats so gross!” but one thing my husband and… Continue Reading →

Redding Rocks

In my hometown, and what appears to be all over the north-state as well, a trend has started called “Redding Rocks”. Basically, you paint a rock, and hide it somewhere in town. Another person finds that rock, and re-hides it,… Continue Reading →

Where did she go?

Hello, Some of you may have noticed that my blog posts had been rather absent in the last few months. Well. While I was still on wordpress anyways. Well, I am pleased to give you all the reason why. Here… Continue Reading →

Super Simple Dry Rub

As a kid, I made Killer boneless beef ribs. And all I did was follow my instinct. So this year, when I found them while grocery shopping, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane again, but spice… Continue Reading →

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