My Zucchini started flowering today! It created the most beautiful flower too. I must say that I am quite proud considering that I didn’t expect it to produce much if at all being that I started it late and the fact that I forgot to ask my neighbor to water for me while I was camping. Oh boy did my plants look so sickly. But after a real good watering they sprang right back. There are so many things I want to do with it. While I don’t know how many zucchini’s I’ll get I would so love to make bread, and saute them in butter and garlic, yum. I did that with some my neighbor gave us and it was delicious! Here is what I did

Cut Zucchini in half and then rough chop.

Melt butter in pan. I used 2 TBSP for how much zucchini’s you got.

Put in pan, and sprinkle with seasoning (I used salt, pepper, garlic powder)

Stir to coat, check regularly for doneness.

And get this mom’s MY DAUGHTER LOVED IT! My guess is because it didn’t taste much like zucchini at that point, but who cares why? The fact that she liked it really surprised me. While she isn’t a picky eater, I know she is like her mom, and at that age, her mom wouldn’t try zucchini if you bribed her!

I’m pleased to say that while my tomato plant doesn’t exactly LOOK award winning, I’ve got at least 5-10 tomatoes growing that just need ripening. And I’ve got my fall garden sprouts sprouting. A coupple plants are anyways. I had some sprouts that were doing great but they didn’t make it while I was camping. Ah well. I still have some onions to start come September, so even if its a small one, at least I’ll still have a veggie garden. I’ve also got some potatoes planted that haven’t sprouted yet, They do seem to take a while though, so I’ll just be patient and keep on watering them.

My Cyanne Peppers are doing okay, my husband says they aren’t spicy enough for them, so I need to figure out if I’m doing something wrong, or if I just got a mild verity. If any of my readers has advice on what I could do to make them spicier, please comment below because I am sure stumped!

My Parsley has done better, but Its slowly growing back, its pretty small right now, and I may even leave it in for the winter to see if it survives mostly out of my own curiosity, I know tomatoes and my bell pepper wont, but I’ve never grown parsley before!


My lavender is doing wonderful too, Whenever it gets too tall, I take what flowers are ready and I have a beautiful small vase to put them all in, they don’t last a lifetime but it beauties the house for a little bit at least.