On the occasion if I’m just watching one of my shows, I’ll peruse pintrest for things to try. Recipes, gardening tricks, ect. Well, I found an interesting one the other day which uses old tea bags. And I’m all for trying to reuse as much as I possibly can, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I had an empty can from tomato sauce that I figured I could use as it was a bigger can. So once that was full, I put it all in my soup pot with some water and waited for it to boil and then cool down. Personally, my family uses good ole Lipton. Its what I grew up with, and its what we like. And personally, I adore the Iced tea it makes. I could live on that stuff to be perfectly honest with you guys.

The weak tea water is supposed to keep critters away. And the last few days I noticed a plant of mine was getting its leaves eaten up by a critter, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to at least try, see if this works. Also, if you dry the tea bags, open them up and take the dried tealeaves out, and sprinkle them in your garden, it is supposed to be nutritious for your plants. So once I’m done with the water, I will be putting the bags on a cookie sheet and leaving them out for a day or so to dry, in hopes that I can do that with my winter veggies which are starting to sprout. You wont know until you try it. And besides, its reusing something, and its using less trash if you think about it.


The garden this year turned out Okay. Not nearly as well as I wanted it to, but my goal is to have a year round garden, to practice with. And Eventually, I am hoping that I will become quite the green thumb. As it is I have never been able to start anything from seeds, and I’m actually able to this year! That is quite exciting for me. Right now we have Cabbage, Carrots and Peas. But I am hoping to get a couple more veggies for the winter time. As soon as I make it to Lowe’s or Orchard Supply Hardware. My version of a toy store.

Every gardener starts somewhere. You don’t become amazing just overnight. But I’m getting there. Its a slow process. But I’ve got my grandmothers spirit running through my veins. Gardening is an amazing thing to do. It helps the earth and it helps your soul. You get to watch something grow, and your essentially creating life. Much like a woman and a man create life by having a child together.


Below is a link to the type of tea bags I used for this trick. I love buying my tea bags on amazon because usually I can get a few boxes for a pretty affordable price. I would totally recommend it to my tea drinking friends 110%. And if you purchase from the link below, it helps me out as well, which I would be forever grateful 🙂

Lipton Black Tea Bags, America’s Favorite Tea 312 ct