What to do with Canned Beans

Even though fresh is always the way to go in terms of veggies. It never hurts to have a stock of some canned foods either. Things like soups, stews, veggies, meats, that sort of thing. Here are the canned foods I ALWAYS have in my cupboard:

Peas and Carrots


Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegetable Beef Soup



Green Beans


Wax Beans

Kidney Beans

Garbonzo (chickpeas)

Now, for your family it could very well be different, but that is what I have in mine on a regular basis. It is good to use your canned goods in a regular basis, just because in my personal opinion, its good to use it and restock on a regular basis. I’ve heard from people that canned food does go bad after time and I’ve heard that it doesn’t. So why take the chance? Just use it when you need/want and restock it. Luckily where I live canned goods are pretty reasonably priced.

Anyways. After a while, you kinda run out of ideas on what to do with your canned foods. At least I do. I get bored of the same thing…every….darned….time. Which brings me to todays recipe. I don’t want to call it a salad but thats the closest thing I can think of as to what it would be as well. So lets just call it bean salad, since you can use any bean with it. Here is what I put in mine:


Wax Beans

Italian Dressing (I used some dollar store kind, but Krafts Zesty Italian is good with it too)

Onions (If desired, I really enjoy the green ones in mine but didn’t have them at the time)

Now, with this recipe, you can use just wax beans, or you can add Green Beans and Garbanzo and Kidney and make it a classic delicious 3 bean salad. Which is another great one to make for potlucks or parties. What could be easier than throwing some cans of beans in a bowl, and adding some dressing? Like nothing! And that’s it! Really!

The bowl I’m using for this is a Pyrex bowl with colored lids. They are a lifesaver. I got it as a housewarming gift from my aunt and I couldn’t be happier with them. Nice looking bowls, with lids are a godsend, and they are very nicely made and strong! Pyrex is the strongest brand you could possibly get your hands one. If you decide to get some for yourself, click the link below. This will help me out, and you get your hands on some really nice glass bowls at the same time. Win Win!

Pyrex 8 Piece Smart Essentials Bowl Set, Clear