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August 2017

My Zucchini Blossoms

My Zucchini started flowering today! It created the most beautiful flower too. I must say that I am quite proud considering that I didn’t expect it to produce much if at all being that I started it late and the… Continue Reading →

Making Homemade Bread

Making homemade sandwich bread Did you know that making your own sandwich bread is actually not only very easy, but also not that time consuming as one would think? AND it uses all ingredients that most people keep in their… Continue Reading →

Spring/Summer Cleaning

I don’t know why. But everyone tends to do their spring cleaning in the…well….spring. Kind of the point right? Not me though! I always seem to do it in the summer. The other day, husband and I were talking about… Continue Reading →

Tea Bag Gardening

On the occasion if I’m just watching one of my shows, I’ll peruse pintrest for things to try. Recipes, gardening tricks, ect. Well, I found an interesting one the other day which uses old tea bags. And I’m all for… Continue Reading →

Canned food and Wax Beans

What to do with Canned Beans Even though fresh is always the way to go in terms of veggies. It never hurts to have a stock of some canned foods either. Things like soups, stews, veggies, meats, that sort of… Continue Reading →

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