Ever since I met my husband, he always had this thing with rice. The only way he would eat it was if it was in a soup called fried rice soup. But everyone has their own little issues with certain types of food so I just let it be and went with it. It really wasn’t too big of a deal anyways. So for the longest time, we would only have rice if we went to that Chinese restaurant and got that soup.

But then one day we were having a BBQ at a friends house, and they were serving this dish, it had Cabbage, Bacon, and Rice. And sometimes she would serve it as a side dish, whereas other times, she would serve it as a main dish. I doubted my husband would try it but the bacon really convinced him. And then….he took a bite. And another, and then another! Until it was gone and he even wanted seconds! I was extremely surprised that he enjoyed it as much as he did! Plus, the ingredients were extremely simple!


Ingredients for the Recipe

2c water

1c rice

Cabbage (I use half a head, maybe)

Bacon (I use 2 lbs)

Soysauce (optional)

First, I cook the bacon. I always leave it half frozen and dice it up to the size I want it. It is just easier for myself that way. While the bacon is cooking, I start on the rice, because its not too big of a deal if the rice needs to sit a little bit. Once the bacon is all cooked, I take it out and drain everything but maybe 2tsp or so of the grease to help cook the cabbage and infuse it with bacon flavor. When you drain most of the grease, put the chopped cabbage in the pan the bacon was in and stir it around a bit. Then, add the cooked rice and finally, add the bacon again. Its seriously that simple. No joke. Serve as a meal, or side dish. This is now my husbands favorite meal other than pizza and sausage. Plus we normally have cabbage and rice, so you really just need to get the bacon, unless bacon is normally in your home (which, we buy it regularly cause we use it so much). But Try it with you and your children. Not many kids like cabbage, but my 6 year old does because it tastes like bacon instead of cabbage! So try it on your picky children, and tell me how they enjoy it!