Macaroni Salad is made differently by everyone. Some like it with
celery, some like it without mustard, ect. It’s a very versicle
recipe, and I think one of the first things I learned to cook when I
started having the interest as a child. The recipe my mother taught me
was pratically identical to her potato salad, but with macaroni
noodles of course.

Macaroni Noodles

Eggs (Boiled)


Onions (I perfer it with green, but as a kid my mom would use red)

Olives (Black, but I experimented with green in mine)

Salt, Pepper to taste



Now, as an Adult, I’m more confident in my skills to experiment. As a
kid, my mom would use Red onions because I detested onions so the red
color made it easy for me to pick out. As an adult now however, I’ve
grown accustomed to green onions. I’ve compared macaroni salad to
potato many times, and they are similar in may ways. My father in law
makes Bomb potato salad, so now, I have started making my potato and
macaroni salad with a little bit from my mothers, and a little bit
from my father in laws. He uses garlic salt instead of regular in his,
so I use that for mine as well. He also puts jalapeños in his.
Personally, I cant stand THAT much heat so on occasion I will use
peppercinis instead.

The recipes in which you can change any which way and have it still
turn out are the best to start learning how to cook with I believe.
Because you can twist it to your own taste bud liking (even if it
means using that nasty miracle whip) This salad is not only easy to
make, but you can make a big or small batch, which makes it a great
one to take to parties and potlucks, and a great one to teach the
kids. It was one of the first recipes I really remember learning from
my mom as a child. (the other being potato soup)

Try it, see if you like it, and tell me what you change about it in
the comments below. I’d love to hear your stories about macaroni