As a kid I hated veggies. Despised them. You couldn’t PAY me to eat them. But looking back at how they were served, they were usually either canned or steamed. Two ways in which the veggies normally wind up smelling, weird. With canned you get the mushy can taste with it, with steamed they can be soggy with no flavor. So who could blame me?

So as an adult, after having my own child, I really had to buck up. This was a young person, whom I created and was going to be looking up to me. I had to start finding ways to eat healthy. So as I watched cooking shows, I payed attention to what THEY did with the veggies. They would sauteed them, roast them, do all sorts of things with them, and they looked good! So one day, Husband and I went on a date to a local casino. And had Dinner first. I ordered the sauteed green beans with a steak and mashed potatoes. And the Green Beans opened my eyes to a world of delicious veggies. They were garlicky, and crunchy, and I wanted more!

So the first thing we tried was baked asparagus with garlic and butter. Baked in the oven until the tips were just barley crispy. My husband made them with a baked chicken he had made one night. And it was so delicious. My family devoured it all, and I was so proud of myself that I ate a veggie, and what’s more- I liked it!! After that I wasn’t as afraid to try new veggies. When I thought of a way I could eat it, I would try it. And after a while I started to realize. Each time I liked a type of veggie, it was fresh.

The next thing I tried was re-creating the green beans I had that were oh so good. I just put them in a pan, sauteed with butter and garlic, some salt and pepper, and while they weren’t as good as the ones I had that night, they were edible, and it was teaching my daughter that even mom eats her veggies. The more I tried, the more I realized. Fresh veggies are really the way to go. While its good to have canned on hand for things such as a 3 bean salad (don’t ask me why, but canned beans are better in a 3 bean salad) and its good for the months where you really struggle because of one reason or another.

But there are ways in which buying fresh fruits and veggies can be more affordable to those watching their spending like I am:

1: Buy whats in season. With this you kinda need to google to double check but the grocery stores are likely to cut down the price of veggies which are in season.

2. If you buy the green giant “bag” of fresh green beans, that can serve at LEAST 2, maybe even 3 meals. Don’t feel like you have to cook them ALL at once. This is why you have a veggie crisper in your fridge guys. Use it.

3. A Garden never hurts! If you have a garden, you cut down on the veggies you will need to buy anyways! My grandparents and my in laws very rarely get veggies these days because of that reason only. They get all their fruits and veggies from the garden!

Thats really it guys. With canned, I’m pretty darn sure it takes away some of the nutrients. Granted depending on how you cook for veggies, that may just as well do too, but I feel like even with taking that into consideration, your still getting tastier veggies, and more of the nutrients if your smart about how you cook them. And if you use your fresh veggies smart, and in moderation, they will probably last just as long. So go out, give it a try! Below will be my recipe’s for what made ME enjoy veggies. Try it with your family (and kids) and let me know how it goes. I know if I Were still a kid, I would probably enjoy them this way.


Garlic Butter Green Beans:

Green Beans

Garlic (I use the pre-minced stuff from Safeway)

Salt, Pepper


Melt butter in pan, put snapped green beans in pan. Season with Salt, pepper and garlic. Saute for about 2-3 minutes. Serve. Crunchy, and full of flavor.


Baked Asparagus

5-10 stalks of asparagus.





Onion powder.

Preheat Oven to 350. I personally like to use a little olive oil to help the seasoning stick. But thats up to you. Season asparagus and put on baking tray. Bake until ends are nice and crispy. Serve.

These recipes are just the basic. If your not a huge garlic person, use a different seasoning! If your not a fan of butter, use Olive Oil. This is just what I personally did to enjoy veggies. Everyone’s taste buds are different. So take these. Tweak them for you and your family. Let me know what you did, and how they liked them. Comment below! Thanks!