Yes guys, I’m jumping on the T-Shirt Bandwagon. Being a housewife is important to me, which means we rely on pretty much only my husbands income. Thats all well and good but there are times when I wish I could support my family with more of a finical role. And I know. As a housewife, I’m doing the cleaning, cooking, gardening, ect. I found a website through a blogger friend of mine, which will allow me to make designs in Photoshop, or use their in browser designer and design my own shirts. They can be for a fundraiser or not. The only downside being you do have to get a certain number of orders before they will print and mail your shirts to you.

I only have one design so far, the others, still in my head. I’ve been working on figuring out how to get them to computer. This one, I got inspiration from my Guild in Vanilla World of Warcraft. There was another young mom online, and made me realize that its not just me that is a mom, a wife, and gamer after a long day of supporting her family, its other women in the world as well. Some who do those things plus have a job!

So I ask of you all. Check them out at least. I have three different shirt styles to choose from.

Journey of a Simple Housewife T-Shirts