In the beginning of the growing season, I really was looking forward to growing some Cucumbers. Well…. I think my choice of cucumbers was a bad one because as soon as it was put in the ground…it died. So right from the bat I was paranoid that my soil was bad and my garden was doomed. But I kept a positive mindset and figured I would see how it went. Well. Its now mid June and my first few tomatoes are starting to ripen and change their colors, and my cayenne peppers are starting to turn red as well. Its really my most successful garden I’ve had yet. I’m quite excited. I also have some potatoes that I was not expecting to have, but no complaints here! I was finally able to get some tomato cages for my tomatoes, as well as a new bell pepper plant ( with a pepper already on it even!) And if I were to actually think and plant some onions, I would have liked to plant but I just never did. With how many wild onions my mother seems to get in her yard, I honestly doubted that it would have been an issue anyways.

One thing I need to get better about doing, is watering. I always water at night, once it cools off, but due to insomnia, I haven’t been as regular about watering in the day time as I probably should be. With how hot it has been getting, you can tell too. My plants are wilting, yet on the cooler days they do fine. This tells me that I need to get my butt up and water in the mornings, which I will try to start doing when I make the morning coffee. I just need to remember. And getting to bed earlier would probably help. There is just so much to do and I have so much energy at such a wrong time that it makes it difficult. I’ll be looking into getting some melatonin for sure here soon.

I picked my Bell Pepper once I realized that it wasn’t going to get any bigger. I wasn’t too worried about it either way. I served it to my family with lunch one day, and they devoured it! I am so proud that I am able to feed my family with the food that I have grown. My grandparents always grow a garden, but they are from the era where if you didn’t grow your own veggies, you didn’t HAVE veggies.

Last year I acquired some Zucchini from my now mother in law and made a lot of Zucchini bread with it. It was really good, and when I made it my husband who isn’t a big breakfast person actually ate in the morning. Which as an Italian housewife, I want to feed my family 24/7. My husband will even vouch that I get annoying at times, asking if he is hungry, or if he wants me to make him some food. “Just relax babe” he tells me. So, after watching some Nick Stillino latley, I always respond with loud hand gestures and a fake Italian accent “I’ma makinga surea youra stuffeda, you needa to eata your all skin and bones, Mama Mia!” To which he gives me a cocked smile. Thats for a different post though. Not today.