So part of being a housewife does have some boring parts to it. For me, the cleaning. I get that it needs to be done, but I hate spending so much money on cleaners. I’ve always felt like you didn’t need to, so I’ve been experimenting with stuff from the dollar store. Before, my mom went on a website where she won the ability to try a product called Krud Kutter. It worked great on things, but then I noticed on a trip to walmart one day, that it was close to $7.00 for a bottle of it! I was sure surprised! There had to be something that was more affordable that would work just as good. I just had to keep my eye open.

And then I’m at the dollar store. It was a tough month for our family financially and I needed some things. When going down the cleaning isle, I noticed this product that my co-workers like to use, “What the Hell” I thought. So I put it in my cart and went about my day. Going home, I tried it on some crusty stove stains where food had jumped out of the pot, or off the spoon. I used it similar to Krud Kutter as well, I sprayed the area, let it sit for a few minutes while I go and straighten up the living room or do dishes, and then come back to it and wipe it clean (usually I give it approx five minutes)

I now use Awesome for practically everything accept for windows. I use it to clean the table, the wall, the counters. It makes it so easy, and it even takes Kool-aid stains out from the table! It is an awesome cleaning product, which is most likely how it got its name! And for $1.00? Can you really beat that price? Come on!



Before Totally Awesome