Since I last posted about my garden, I pulled some taters that were ready. They turned out to be really tiny, but hey, its my first harvest! I can’t expect too much out of it. I’m not going to become fabulous overnight or anything. But I have around 5 peas that are on my plant growing, one that I don’t think is in the best condition that will probably be used for a stock, or I’ll give it to Elizabeth Guiana pig Lilly.

My tomatoes are getting taller, and they have some blooms on them, but none have started to form into a tomato yet. My cyanne pepper is getting bigger, but not turning red yet (I don’t really expect it to do that for a while yet, heck its only may!) I periodically use my basil and parsley, I really like that I can just go out and pick what I need. My strawberries have stars of blooms on them, they are quite pretty. I think I can start to see a strawberry form last time I checked but I will admit it has been a good while since I’ve done a through check of my garden. I kept having potatoes trying to come up next to it, which got me worried. I’m not sure if those would go OK together or not so I kept one potato sprout going that didn’t seem like it would interfere too much, but if it does it will go no problem. This is my first year where my garden seems to be doing ok so far and not dying yet.

If all goes well, we will have peas, peppers, onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, basil and parsley this summer. Not to mention I have a chicken carcass that I’m going to be making some broth with from the veggie scraps I have. I’ve got a bag all ready in the freezer just waiting to go in. With all of that goodness, I’m going to make a chicken stock. Depending on how much gets made, I plan on freezing some for winter soups, and keeping a little bit for any sauces or recipes that may need it. My mother has a freezer and until Daniel and I are able to get our own, my mother has been generous enough to give us a shelf in the freezer that we can use for anything I make that I need to keep for winter, or if we get too much meat for our tiny freezer.

I’ve added a rosebush to my backyard landscaping project as well. Right now its not doing too good, but the roots still looked good. I planted it anyway, and I’ve been watering it with miracle grow regularly. Right now it still looks dead but I have hope for it. I was able to resurrect my lettuce with that method after all. I also added a cute wind-chime. My next hopeful addition is going to be some more potting soil, hay, or maybe bark as a garden cover, and maybe some kind of cute picket fencing I can attach to our chain link to look a little taller, and cute.

So. Thats my garden update. I’m so excited for my crop this year. My skills are growing by the day, and I’m so grateful that this looks like my first successful year. Eating healthy feels great when your eating what you planted and worked hard to create!