Yesterday being mothers day, men everywhere were cooking breakfast, lunches and dinners for the mother of their children, or sometimes their own mothers. In my case however, we tried to invite my mom over for dinner because my husband makes the best chicken on the face of the earth. We don’t cook whole chickens very often because of how time consuming they are but after last night, his chicken made me want to just cook them more often anyways!




Seasoning the bird

I had taken the chicken out the night before so it had a full 24 hours to defrost. We got a small chicken, only about 6.23lbs for all of us. He seasoned it with herbs such as Rosemary and Thyme, and ginger, and then stuffed it full of veggies. Carrots, celery, garlic and onion. And put basil, straight from my garden in the cavities as well. Right before it went in, I threw in some potatoes. And no, I didn’t season them. Trust me on this one. With all the butter that will be melting down with some seasoning, I didn’t think I’d need to. And oh lord I was right. Those were some of the best potatoes I’ve ever had. We didn’t waste Any of the celery either, what we didn’t use, went into a bag which we will dump in a stock pot, with the chicken bones (and liver and heart) and use to make chicken stock, which can then be frozen and kept for winter, or held out and used for recipes now. In the Lemke Household, we try to use every single bit of food.

Once my husband seasoned the chicken ALL around it, he put dabs of butter in the crevices. We set the oven for 350 and put it in. We put it in for an hour and a half and then put more butter on it when the timer dinged, and then put it in for another hour and a half. After that, we let it rest for two minutes while I helped him get the rest of the dinner ready. We were having my favorite veggie, steamed cauliflower.


The stuffing before it is stuffed

I had meant to take a photograph of the completed meal, but the smell and taste of it made it so hard to that we all kind of forgot. But if you were in my shoes, and smelled the deliciousness you would have forgot too. Trust me on this. All in all, I had a wonderful mothers day filled with family, and love. And a reminder, that being a mom is awesome. How did you guys spend your mothers day? Comment below!


Bird before we put it in the oven